Tai Chi With Helen & Tim

Tai Chi With Helen & Tim


Lessons in Tai Chi & QiGong

Glencroft in Hawkwell
Glencroft in Hawkwell

About the Tai Chi we practice.

The form we practice is called Wudang Tai Chi Chuan, it is a beautiful meditative movement that you often see on the television.  The closest I’ve ever seen to our form is performed by the Pandas in the Sudo Creme advert.   Practicing every day will help with your mind, body and spirit.  We learn the form by starting with the Square Form.  This form teaches and gently strengthens the muscles to progress onto The Round Form.  Though this looks easy, its slow deliberate movement is a real workout!

Before we start our Tai Chi we start with QiGong.  This is a common practice to help with the start of the movement of Chi and also to gently help with loosening your joints and muscles so the Chi will flow easily throughout your body.  This can been seen in your hands and felt in your body.

About the Practice

Qi Gong

If you suffer from conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, high blood pressure, Qi gong is an art that can help you feel like you’re getting back in control. Helen and Tim will teach you moves to help, these moves are easily remembered and you can practice this immediately at home when you need it.   

Tai Chi

With a little practice and starting with the training form (The Square Long Form) to prepare your muscles, We will teach you the moves to accomplish The Round Long Form of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan.  This is the flowing movement you often see. It truely is a Mind, Body and Spirit Experience. 

The slow movement massages your internal organs, exercises your muscles and brain, gives you a feeling of wellbeing and a total sense of achievement.  We personally have practiced for 17 years and have found it wonderful to practice alone, with friends, on the beach, in a nature reserve, by the pool, on a ski slope,  the list is endless. 
If some exercise classes are too much for you, this is perfect and often recommended by many physicians for mental health and to move your body gently.
Helen has teaching and assessment qualifications for 16+ and currently we have two classes; beginners and intermediate. These take place at the hall on Tuesday evening at 7:30pm for intermediate and advanced and Thursday morning at 11.30am for beginners. 
If you have any questions or want to try a class please contact Helen via 

email: TaiChi@ashingdonmemorialhall.uk or TaiChiWithHelen@theenglands.me.uk

Facebook @TaiChiChums

Dan Docherty 1954 - 2021 Tai Chi at Rest
Dan Docherty 1954 - 2021 Tai Chi at Rest

Dan Docherty 1954 - 2021

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Dan Docherty, believed to have died of a heart attack on 9th December. A founder and driving force in The Tai Chi & Qigong Union for Great Britain that will never be forgotten.

Tim and I were lucky enough to meet him one snowy day in Oxford with our Sifu Ann Spreadborough. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter Ellen Docherty. 

Helen T England